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We have been working in manufacturing umbrellas pretty much our entire lives. We are the premier umbrella manufacturer in India and currently supply umbrellas all over India. Over a long period, we have managed to gain the trust and quality of our products amongst umbrella manufacturers in India. 

We are known for timely delivery of umbrellas, the capacity to manufacture bulk umbrellas, and transforming a utility product into a fashion accessory. We pride ourselves on living up to these standards.

We do so by ensuring that every umbrella we manufacture is durable, functional, and value for money. Whether it’s sun umbrella, rain umbrella, outdoor umbrella, fashion umbrella, promotional umbrella our compact ranges of umbrellas have become a perpetual accompaniment of every season and need.

S.K. Umbrella Mfg. Co. has become a top umbrella manufacturer with design, production capabilities, market research, and after-sales service. Being a Quality Umbrella Manufacturer, we also believe in being close to our customers. In major cities, our brand Tello Umbrella is a market leader and is seen in every active hot spot. 

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Most Preferred Umbrella Brand since 1980

Our Umbrella story dates back to 1980 when Shri Mahendraji Jain, Our mentor, and an entrepreneur, started this umbrella business when there were only a handful of umbrella manufacturers all over India.

Today we are a leading manufacturer of umbrellas and their parts in India. Since 1980 we have developed our manufacturing process. all our products are manufactured in-house which gives us the advantage of precision and quality.

In the year 2012, we introduced our brand Tello  Ever since we’ve been known as the best umbrella manufacturers in town serving over 1000 customers all over India and abroad. Humbled by the love we’ve received, we strive to continue giving you the best.

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